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Viccky Baidyanath was born in Barakar city of West Bengal and his education was initiated  in here also. In 2003 Viccky Baidyanath came to Delhi and started the theater. In Delhi, he took acting workshops from Robin Das and Satyavrat Raut of NSD Faculties. They used to work in the daytime and theater in the evening. He worked with several Theatre groups of Delhi. But due to the job, he could not spend much time in the theater, but he left the job and started doing full time theatre. When money was rampant, started street play. They did not even know when movies and serials became active from street play and theatre. 

In this way Viccky Baidyanath has worked many commercial ads in his 15 years of acting  journy . Apart from film, goverment ad film, TVC, documentary film, watch on small screen, savdhan India, Crime Patrol, Wardat, Sansani, Geet, IBN-7's Main bhi jasoos, Zee's TV Detective Didi, StarBharat's Nimki Mukhiya, CID Have his presence recorded in many serials etc.

Hindi feature film, "Do Duni Char","Apne-Apne Phanday", "Mid Night Delhi", "Thodi Si Manmaniyan" , "Shubha Mangal Savdhan" and the upcoming film ""2001 Dead One". Viccky Baidyanath has also acted in many Bhojpuri films and Bhojpuri serials.

Apart from acting, it is very much like playing cricket and cooking.